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1. The Hirer acknowledges that he has inspected the goods and
(a) is satisfied that the goods are in clean condition and in good and substantial order repair
and condition
(b) is aware of the proper use for which the goods are designed


2. Notwithstanding anything herein contained the hirer hereby acknowledges that no
warranty or condition expressed or implied is given by the owner as to the condition of the
goods or as to the suitability or fitness of the goods for any purpose.



1. The Hirer will pay hire charges at the rate and in the manner specified from the commencement date of the hire until the agreed end of rental date.


2. In the event of the hirer requesting the owner to transport the goods to or from the owner’s premises the hirer shall pay the owner all charges and expenses incurred by the owner in delivering or collecting the goods in addition to the hire charges unless stated otherwise.


3. Hire charges delivery and collection charges or other charges where applicable are payable on strictly net cash 30 days basis unless otherwise specified.


4. The hiring is personal to the hirer and the rights of the hirer are not assignable to any person, persons or company whatsoever.

5. The owner is not providing refunds on days the equipment is not being used by the hirer or early release of equipment before the agreed rental period. 

6. The owner has the right to charge an Administration fee of $19 only when an Overdue invoice for unpaid rental fee or delivery fee remains unpaid after its "Due date".

7. Unless otherwise stated the words The Hirer includes the servants, agents or contractors of the hirer.



1. The Hirer will use the goods in a skilful and proper manner and for the purposes for which such goods were designed and that he will comply at his own expense with all notices directionsand legal requirements of all government authorities, acts of Parliament and regulations in any way relating to the goods.


2. The Hirer will

•(a) Keep and maintain the goods in a clean condition and good and substantial working order and repair.

•(b) Service the goods at his own expense in a skilful and proper manner and supply all oil and grease necessary for service and maintenance.

•(c) Give the owner access to the goods for inspection at any reasonable time and without the owner giving prior notice in that regard.


1. In the event of a breakdown or failure of the goods the hirer will not have any repairs effected thereto by any person other than an employee of the owner or such person as the owner may nominate.


2. In the event of a breakdown or failure which in the opinion of the owner is caused by fair wear and tear the owner will:-

•(a) At his own expense restore the goods to working order as quickly as reasonably possible. •(b) Will not hold the hirer liable to the hiring charges while the goods are in serviceable providing the hirer notifies the owner within 24 hours of a failure occurring.




1. If upon return of the goods to the owner they are found not to be in clean condition and/or not in good and substantial order and repair (fair wear and tear excepted), the hirer shall pay to the owner the cost and expenses of restoring the goods to clean condition and/or good and substantial order and repair unless included in purchase price.


2. The hirer accepts full responsibility to compensate the owner for the value of goods or parts thereof which may be lost or stolen from the time of commencement of the hire or delivery, whichever is earlier, until the goods are returned to the owner’s premises or collected by him. This right shall not be prejudiced by or prejudice any other right under this agreement.




1. The hirer shall not remove the goods from the address stated without the written consent of the owner except for the purpose of returning the goods to the owner’s premises.


2. Notwithstanding anything herein contained it is expressly understood by the hirer that the onus rests with him to ensure that the goods are returned to the owner’s premises.




1. The hirer hereby indemnifies and holds indemnified the owner from and against all claims, action suits, demands, costs, and expenses, including all legal costs and expenses, in any way arising out of the use of the goods between the commencement of the hire and the return of the goods to the owner, whether caused by the negligence of the hirer, his servants or agents or by the negligence of any other person whatsoever or arising out of the condition of the goods or of the use to which they are put or otherwise whatsoever.




1. This agreement may be determined by the owner giving the hirer two days notice.


2. If the hirer makes default in the observance or performance of any of the above terms and
conditions the owner may without notice to the hirer determine the hiring and take possession
of the goods. For that purpose the hirer hereby irrevocably authorises the owner, its servants
and agents to enter upon any premises in the occupation of the hirer to search such premises
and to remove the goods therefrom.


3. If the hirer decides to cancel his/her contract before the "End of rental" date, he/she will be
obligated to pay the full amount of the Rental period the hirer subscribed for one unless
otherwise stated or decided.

4. Should the hirer default paying any outstanding fees during his/hers rental period, or after the "End of rental" date, we reserve the rights to process the charge for any outstanding amount, including Administration fees and breach of contract fees through payment details provided. 


5. Should the hirer default paying any outstanding fees after the "End of rental" date, we
reserve the rights to hand over customer details to our partnered Debt collecting company to
recover any amount owing plus recovery fees, and the Hirer will be liable for such collection


6. Notwithstanding anything herein contained the owner shall not be liable to the hirer or any
other person for any loss or damage to any person or property occasioned by the use and
operation of the goods whether such loss. or damage is occasioned by a defect in or wear of
the goods or otherwise.


7 . Equipment not returned by the nominated due date overleaf will be treated as stolen
property and legal proceedings will be undertaken to recover the stolen property


8. If any charges are overdue:

(A) Interest is payable by the hirer to the owner from the date the charges become
overdue until payment at the rate of 6% per annum calculated daily.
(B) The hirer must pay the owner’s fees, costs and expenses, including legal fees, on a
full indemnity (solicitor and own client basis) of and incidental to and associated with
recovery of overdue charges, recovery of any amounts due by the hirer to the owner,
enforcement of this agreement, and collection of goods, upon demand.


9. As regards any amounts payable by the hirer to the owner, a written statement by the
owner as to any such amount payable is prima facie evidence of the same.


10. Upon the termination of this agreement or otherwise upon the end of hire, the hirer must
deliver up the goods to the owner upon demand and to any location specified by the owner, at
the hirer’s cost, and the hirer must pay the owner the hire charges for the period from
termination/end until the equipment is returned to the owner.


11. The owner’s rights as set out in this document are in addition to any other rights the
owner may have at common law or otherwise.


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