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Our company is providing fitness equipment rented to customers homes and corporate facilities.  Our gym equipment is of a high quality and we are confidently hiring out for anything between 1 week to 1 year. We provide the most affordable rental rates in Perth and proudly maintain 100% customer satisfaction. We are extremely quick and efficient and super easy to deal with. Our spin bikes, treadmills and rowers meet the requirements implemented by the Health department and its representatives. They are easy to move around by its users and we are also happy to help customers with installing particular equipment in their homes.

You can reach us 24 hours a day via email or phone number you can find in contact details tab. Our staff is friendly and happy to help in every situation. 

We understand and respect your busy schedule and our mission is to make your booking with us as easy as possible. 0ur gym equipment is always clean and well maintained and able to handle even a harder workouts. 


James K. 


“I first thought I could rent a rowing machine but it seems all hotels accept only spin bikes and some light weights. Z and his team delivered both sooner than I thought. All their gym equipment was in perfect condition.”

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