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Hire Magnetic Super Bike delivered to you anywhere in Perth. This item can be rented for any duration between 1 week to 1 year.


The prices per week are as follows:

12 months - $15 pw

6 months - $20 pw

3 months - $35 pw

1 month - $60 pw

2 weeks - $110 pw

1 week - $220


You can pick it up from our warehouse or we can deliver it to your door


Please call 0481084248 if any queries.

Magnetic Super-Bike Hire

SKU: 19004
PriceFrom AU$15.00
Price Options
12 months
Magnetic Super Bike
AU$15.00every week for 52 weeks
6 months
Magnetic Super Bike
AU$20.00every week for 26 weeks
3 months
Magnetic Super Bike
AU$35.00every week for 13 weeks
1 month
Magnetic Super Bike
AU$60.00every week for 4 weeks
2 weeks
Magnetic Super Bike
AU$110.00every week for 2 weeks

    By selecting your prefered length of rental period and placing your order on our website you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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