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Curved treadmill for fast running and sprinting. A non-motorized curved treadmill is propelled by the motion of your own body. The treadmill responds to your increased speed by moving the belt faster. The faster u go the faster the treadmill spins its belt. It is an amazing tool for burning extra calories and improving your max speed.


The prices per week are as follows:

12 months - $25 per week

6 months - $30 per week

3 months - $40 per week

1 month - $70 per week

2 weeks - $100 per week

1 week - $200


Comes with a performance monitor.


FREE pick up from Osborne Park

FREE delivery in a 15 km radius

Deliveries are available within a 50 km radius (Please select an appropriate delivery radius)


The price includes FREE cleaning and sanitizing.


Would you like to add any other fitness equipment to your order? Or, would you like to add a heavy-duty spin bike to your order only for $5 pw extra?

- Contact us at or call 0481084248 to redeem or if you have any queries

Curved treadmill Hire

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